Separation Anxiety Disorder

Written by Aleem

August 15, 2023

A simple way to understand separation anxiety disorder

Separation anxiety disorder is a common mental health disease that mostly affects children but can also affect adults. It is a lot of fear or worry about being away from loved ones or places that are known. In this blog, we’ll talk about separation anxiety disorder in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. We’ll talk about what causes it, what its signs are, and how to deal with it.

What causes separation anxiety?

Separation anxiety disorder is a type of anxiety disorder that makes a person feel very upset when they are away from someone or somewhere they feel safe. At different stages of growth, it’s normal for children to worry about being alone, but separation anxiety disorder is more severe, lasts longer, and gets in the way of daily life.

Some of the most common signs of separation anxiety

Excessive Worry: People with separation anxiety disorder often worry too much about themselves or their loved ones getting hurt when they are apart.

Fear of Separation: They may be afraid of being away from their attachment figures, such as parents, teachers, or even close friends.

Physical Symptoms: Anxiety can show up in the body as stomachaches, headaches, sickness, or even trembling.

Refusal to be Alone: Children with separation anxiety might not want to sleep alone or go to school without their parent or helper.

Nightmares: It’s normal to have recurring nightmares about being alone or in trouble.

Avoidance Behavior: People may try to avoid settings that require them to be alone, which makes it hard for them to do normal things.

Panic Attacks: When separation anxiety is really bad, it can lead to panic attacks, which include a fast heart rate, shaking, and trouble breathing.

What Causes Separation Anxiety

Knowing what causes separation anxiety disorder can help you deal with it in a healthy way. Some of the most popular ones are:

Child Development: During the different stages of childhood development, it’s normal for kids to worry about being alone. Still, some kids have trouble with it as they get older.

Trauma or loss: A traumatic event, like the death of a loved one or a sudden split, can cause separation anxiety.

Genetics: The disease might run in families because it may be genetically based.

Overprotective Parents: Children whose parents are too protective may be more likely to have trouble being alone.

Environmental Stressors: Things that are stressful in the family, like a breakup or moving to a new place, can cause separation anxiety.

How to handle and treat

Separation anxiety disorder can be treated, and there are a number of ways to help people deal with it:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT): CBT is a type of treatment that is often used to help people understand and deal with their anxiety. It teaches them how to deal with problems and gradually gets them used to being apart.

Medication: Sometimes, a doctor will give you medicine to help you deal with the signs of anxiety.

Gradual Exposure: Exposing people to different situations in small steps can help them get used to their fears. Start with short intervals and slowly make them longer.

Support from Parents: Parents can do a lot to help their kids with separation anxiety by reassuring them, setting consistent habits, and, if necessary, getting professional help.


People with separation anxiety disorder can find it hard to deal with their fears, but with the right help and care, they can learn to do so and live full lives. It’s important to remember that getting help from a doctor or nurse is one of the most important steps in dealing with separation anxiety. People and their loved ones can deal with this disorder and get out of its grip if they understand what causes it, recognize the signs, and use effective ways to deal with it.

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