“Our Head of department’s

  1. “Peer Asif Saab, our esteemed department head, leads with wisdom and foresight, guiding our team to excellence.”
  2. “Under the leadership of Peer Asif Naqshabandi Saab, our department excels, driven by passion and expertise.”

Project Director

  1. “Exemplifying excellence and precision, Project Director Engineer Tariq Abbasi ensures top-tier quality in every endeavor.”
  2. “Under the guidance of Project Director Engineer Tariq Abbasi, our projects stand as paragons of meticulous craftsmanship and superior quality.

Assistant Project Drictor

  1. “With Ashir Yasin’s keen eye for detail, our projects embody precision and meticulousness.”
  2. “Assistant Project director Engineer Ashir Yasin brings dedication and innovation to every aspect of our construction endeavors.”

“Project Engineer

“Project Engineer Waleed Raza: spearheading projects with expertise and innovation.””Under the guidance of Project Engineer Waleed Raza, excellence is our standard in every construction venture.”

site supervisor

  1. “Under the vigilant eye of Adil Khan, our site supervisor, projects thrive with precision and efficiency.”
  2. “Adil Khan, our dedicated site supervisor, ensures quality and safety standards are upheld on every construction site.”